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to be TRULY happy?
Read this book . . .
Discover how to be happy! With a sense of inner peace and clarity.


The HOW TO B HAPPY! eBook features a collection of Amelia's friends who contribute their secrets to living a happy, joy-filled life.

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14-Day Happiness Accelerator Self-Study Guide, 
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"Amelia is one of those special people who found her inner self early on during this journey.
Whilst many slept, Amelia was doing everything to guide people to the light."
Charlie Ward
Connect with Charlie:
"Amelia is the passion and fire that can ignite a person and remind them of the abundance of joy that exists within. Waking up means embracing all that we are and our great human potential and she is a powerful guide to assist others in finding an authentic happiness that lasts."
Connect with Laura:
"Amelia emanates such love, kindness and enthusiasm—to be in her presence is to be infected by it."
Connect with Sean:
dr. elia gourgouris

Dr. Elia Gourgouris

DR. ELIA GOURGOURIS, who contributes the book's foreword, is the president of The Happiness Center, an organization of world-leading experts in the field of positive psychology dedicated to creating personal success and happiness. He is also founding partner at The Global Institute of Thought Leadership, an organization that brings together bestselling authors, world-renowned speakers, industry experts and pioneering thinkers who all share a common goal: Changing the world of ideas. Dr. Elia is the author of the #1 best-selling Amazon book, 7 Paths to Lasting Happiness, which has been translated in five languages. He co-authored the highly acclaimed book, 7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis: A Practical Guide to Emotionally Dealing with Pandemics and Other Disasters.

His message is featured in respected publications and media around the world. With his positive psychology background, he has helped thousands of people both in their careers and in their relationships to achieve success and better work-life balance. As a keynote speaker he frequently presents at international conferences and universities focusing on corporate wellness, mental health, positive leadership, building trust and loyalty, and resilience. He is also the executive producer and cohost of the new reality TV show called The Kindness Factor!

Dr. Elia was born and raised in Athens, Greece, where he became a national swim champion. He moved with his family to Santa Monica, California, when he was ten. He received his BA in psychology from UCLA, and then went on to receive his MA and PhD in clinical psychology.
TERI BUNETTA, a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida and an advanced certified hypnotherapist from the Wellness Institute, has been providing psychotherapy services for both individuals and families for over 35 years. Teri is a therapist in private practice where she is co-director of Florida Personal Growth Center, co-creator of the Parent School and a Personal Transformation group facilitator. In addition, she provides extensive heart-centered hypnotherapy services for both adults and children.

Teri has lectured to various professional communities and was  a trainer and supervisor for the Wellness Institute. Teri's personal commitments to her own personal growth, humor, and compassion, as well as advanced therapeutic skills have allowed her to assist many in their pursuit of personal growth and transformation. She looks forward to growing with you!
teri bunetta
joey labossiere
SEAN STONE has grown up in the film world, having acted since childhood in his father Oliver Stone’s films before beginning his own film-making career by apprenticing under his father on Alexander, shooting the behind-the-scenes documentaries; on W., as an editorial consultant; and on The Untold History of the United States, as an associate editor. Sean starred in and directed his first feature film Greystone Park in 2012. A graduate of the Baron Brown Studio, he has starred in multiple features including Night Walk, Union Bound, and Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece, which he also wrote.  As an author, his books include the poetry collection The Ephemeral Shades of Time, the cosmic fairy tale Desiderata by Ali, A Player's Tale by A Young Don Juan as well as a modern history of the New World Order. He has directed the documentaries A Century of War, Hollywood, D.C., and MetaHuman with Deepak Chopra as well as the short film Anaarkali with Bollywood star Javed Jaffrey. He has hosted the interview program Buzzsaw, formerly on Gaia TV, as well as the RT news show Watching the Hawks. His most recent docuseries is called Best Kept Secret, now available on Vimeo on Demand and Ickonic. Stone has recently released an album with Michel Huygen, called Alien Spirit.

JOEY LABOSSIERE is a clinical hypnotherapist, meditation guide, and spiritual activator . . .
joey labossiere

Hi! I'm Amelia.

I adore finding solutions; my friend's call me "The Fixer." I grew up in London, England, and was a bit of a socialite, spending nearly two decades in the music and entertainment industry.

I was a wild child, to say the least, leaving home at 16 — my mother says I have always "just done my own thing."

Which probably explains why through much pain and hardship caused by medical issues and complications . . . I discovered the secret to happiness and inner peace!

My mission? To raise the happiness level of the world.

I do this through working with women over 35 (a few men too), who are determined and courageous. I teach them techniques, and give them tools, that enable them to achieve a high level of happiness—and maintain it permanently.

I encourage them to be a catalyst for change within their families, professional networks, social circles, and their communities.

amelia love

Advanced Happiness Accelerator Program

"My clients seem to have it all . . . but they know there is more!
They feel something is missing . . . what's missing is Inner Peace and True Happiness."
—Amelia Love

Texas, USA
Completing the happiness program has changed my life. I used to visit happy every now and then, mostly just living in survival mode. Now I live in and stay in a happy state, and have the tools to navigate the stressful situations life brings. I am armed and ready to handle situations. I control my peace and happiness again. I found my childhood joy and love of life again. I have my power back in all areas of my life. Life is a beautiful journey.
Massachusetts, USA
To be able to take a look at your past and reconcile how it makes you the person you are today has been refreshing. You then are ready to achieve an even higher level of happiness. The program heals your whole self and prepares you to be ok even when things don't happen the way you imagined they would. Amelia and her team provide guided support that leads you to a community of people that you can go to. This program has been a blessing for me.
New Jersey, USA
It was amazing working with Elisha and Amelia during my advanced happiness program. They eloquently guide with honesty, structure, accountability and so much love. I am forever thankful for their knowledge and support.
California, USA
The happiness program helped me to clear the "unforgiveness" that was stuck in my heart permanently. Learning to take your thoughts and rearrange them into a forgiving state is truly clearing your heart to love unconditionally that person or persons forever. This practice releases them and you into a peaceful loving state. Love is truly the only thing that’s real. The program helped me by giving me the tools and techniques to transmute fear into love and forgive myself and others. It was an amazing journey I highly recommend.
The Happiness Program has given me many gifts. The most significant being the gift of true forgiveness. I worked on forgiveness for over 20 years without complete success, so this was a massive win for me. Also, the ability to go in and get real about the shadow self, release it and claim victory has been life changing for me. I am forever grateful for Amelia, Elisha and the program.
Mississippi, USA
I’ve struggled for decades with depression even on two different kinds of prescription medicine. I have tried so many ways to deal with the pains of my past, but nothing really solved anything. It put Band-Aids on some for a short time. In two short months, my whole world turned around in so many ways. I have been off all medicine for depression for several months, with the guidance of my doctor. At my last visit, she said, “In all the years I’ve treated you, I’ve never seen you so happy and look so good.” I wake up in the morning filled with joy and live that out throughout my days. I would not be here, in the state I’m in right now, had I not gone through the How to be Happy program with Amelia Love and Elisha Bravo. Best decision I ever made!
London, UK
I've spent a lot of my life looking up, searching for answers, staring into the mirror questioning the point of it all. Training has always got me through, it was the one thing I had control over. Good days, bad days; I trained. Training has never been just about my physical form or strength, it's been the fundamental base that allows me to deal with the twists and turns life often throws our way. They say focus or fold; I chose to focus, in the gym, and the rest became easier to deal with. But there comes a time when you want more, where living life is not enough and loving life is the goal. Sometimes we all need a little help, no matter how stubborn or independent we think we may be. I looked up one day and asked . . . and just like that, people, things or situations simply fell into place, one “coincidence” after another.

Working with Amelia and Elisha has, without a shadow of a doubt, been the best thing I've ever done for myself. It's changed me in ways I could only ever dream possible, and I can't thank them enough.

I still look up, not in search, but in gratitude. I still stare in the mirror, not in question, but in affirmation. Living life is great, but loving life is a different level.
Texas, USA
The happiness program changed my reality in the most beautiful way possible. Not only does the program allow you to truly be happy, it also makes you aware of all the little things that make you who you are.

Amelia and Elisha are some of the most amazing coaches out there and it’s been an incredible journey since day one.

Choose this program to awaken your true potential — you deserve it.

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